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"The oars gave me power but also taught me humility."- Barry Strauss

I've been rowing since the spring of 2011. Feel free to drop a question or comment in my ask box below :)
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Pledge to Promote Good Sportsmanship ->>

Hi all!

My name is Hannah and I’ve been an avid participant and lover of rowing since 2011.

My high school rowing team is taking part in a contest called “Play Positive.” Each team is challenged to get as many pledges for good sportsmanship as possible and the 5 teams with the most pledges win $2,500 each!

Myself and 21 other girls helped established my high school’s team in the early months of 2011, and although we’ve had a lot of success and have surpassed the expectations of the school’s athletic department and administration, the rowing team still receives minimal funding and support. As many of you know, rowing is an expensive sport and any amount of money can go a long way. The team has grown to over 50 girls and the last thing I want for them is to have their love for the sport held back because of financial troubles.

Rowing changed my life and I don’t know who I would be if I had not been introduced to this incredible sport. Please, take 5 minutes out of your day to pledge to promote good sportsmanship for Saint Joseph Academy Crew. The only email you will receive by pledging will be to confirm your email address. You’d be helping an incredible group of young ladies continue to excel and be giving future rowers the chance to have a life changing experience.

Thank you so much

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More rowing.

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Towing medal haul.


Towing medal haul.

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6k’s: Medieval torturerg.


6k’s: Medieval torturerg.

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up close


up close

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